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    Welcome to Predatory Fish Bay !!!


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    Welcome to Predatory Fish Bay !!! Empty Welcome to Predatory Fish Bay !!!

    Δημοσίευση από Rayngel Σαβ Ιαν 04, 2014 1:20 pm

    Hello all foreign fish lovers , you are welcome at my website-forum , used to be able to show all of my work of business "Predatory Fish Bay".
    My points of interest and work are construction of plywood tanks , soon glass ones too , tropical fish , equipment  trading , fish import , stingray breeding , peacock bass breeding , predatory fish specialised and keeping-raising , (online aquatic marketplace with stores,auctions and ads) supporting and managing  !

    I am from Athens , Greece and have achieved the first successfull stingray births in my country , several months ago and specifically , potamotrygon motoro and motoro x marble , soon i will expand to other special rays too.
    My unique and big promising plywood tanks are working great for more than a year or so , i am also the first professional manufacturer in my country doing such constructions .Already completed plywood tanks from 500 to 4.000 liters !!!

    Apart from the work i am also a dedicated hobbyist and my main goal is to promote fish keeping , especially with predatory fish (but not only) , to give as much info possible and help all keep them right , smart and with less cost possible.

    This website (forum based) was selected due to its simplicity and because is exactly what i need in order to be able and show all of my work and have better contact with people !
    I am not interested in having members , or wanting to become a typical hobbyist based forum , just want to be able to show my work alltogether , so everyone can have access to all of my info , photos , videos and links without needing to register.
    Registration is needed only if someone wants to post or write something here , so you are free to decide how you will act here.

    Thank you for visiting my website !

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